Stylist of Props, Interiors and Events. Line and Collage Artist.


Exploration to Creation.

Locorotondo, Puglia, Italy. 2016.

Locorotondo, Puglia, Italy. 2016.

I regret not starting a blog sooner. Although, I'll enjoy talking about my most treasured moments with you... my unforgettable trips to Central America and Canada, the getaways with my boyfriend to Poland, Morocco, America, and Italy, my month in the Bornean rainforest and the newest love affair I have with India.  I would also like to share my childhood memories of traveling with my family and how these early experiences started my obsessions. I was lucky enough to have extremely creative parents that didn't let having children stop them from seeing what they wanted to see and going to places they'd always dreamt of going to. It was also a blessing that my Grandad was a talented ornamental plasterer and his skills allowed my grandparents to live and work all over the world. My brother and I just reaped the benefits!

Without seeing the world It would almost be impossible for me to channel my creativity, as I have from a young age, transferred my experiences into my artistic practices. Be it architecture, pattern, colour, or shadows cast by the summer sun, I try to notice and represent all these beauties in my styling work. So please come with me on my reminiscent journey and on my future journeys too, to find creative inspiration!