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My Re-reading Books.

1. Atlas of Remote Islands - By Judith Schalansky

This book is one of the most graphically beautiful books I own. It is so wonderfully simple. All this book is is a catalogue of remote islands that have been found in different areas of the world and there's a short, creatively written story for each. Some are inhabited, some are not, some have strange and disturbing histories, and some are home to small and friendly communities. One of my favourite stories is about an island in Micronesia called Pingelap. It is inhabited by 250 people that, as a result of inbreeding and a rare genetic mutation, have all become colour blind. Weird. So, If you're an adventurer or love geography, you'll really enjoy flicking through this book.

2. The Course of Love - By Alain De Botton

I was never much into philosophy for the simple reason being I could never understand what most philosophers were going on about. That is until I discovered Alain De Botton's Art of Travel in my second year of University. He has a softer approach to philosophical language that is easier to understand. There's no flamboyant language or endless 'ism's'. So I was quite excited when he brought out this book, The Course of Love. This book helps you to realise that love is, in essence, a skill we need to learn rather than an enthusiasm we simply experience. It follows a modern couple's journey from the first infatuation to the freedom of mature love, and explains how a relationship reacts to all the added pressures of an average existence. I'm guilty of reading the Nicholas Sparks novels, which makes Botton's story a great one to refer back to as it is a reminder of what a REAL love story might be like.

3. The Power of Now - By Eckhart Tolle

I found this book a while ago and I didn't need to find out what this book might contain, I just knew by the title that I needed to read it.        

This book covers a lot, but If you have experienced any negative thought, find it difficult to detach from the past and future, or worry about what stage you think you should be at in your life, then read this book. If not, then still read it. It may be that I have gone against some of this books teachings with regards to indulging in my past adventures. However, I have always simply loved to use my past experiences for artistic representation. I believe my awareness of this, and practising the importance of presence as I create is healthy. Either way, I know I still have SO much to learn about my true Self and this practice and I am very happy this book is accessible to me anytime I may need it.

I don't want to say much about it, I only want to advise you to read it slowly, and dip in and out of it for the rest of your life.  

I'm about to read his other book - A New Earth: Create A Better Life. I've heard this one is preferred amongst other mindfulness readers. 

4. Cabin Porn - By Zach Klein and Steven Leckart

My idea of heaven is to be in the forest, sitting by a lake, with a hidden cozy cabin to go back to in the evenings. My whole family know this too, so I got this as a lovely birthday prezzie a few years ago. The photography is amazing and the text is great too, with comments and stories from the owners and how all the cabins in this book are hand-built by novices. This book is an invitation to slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy the beauty and serenity that happens when nature meets simple craft. This is a perfect flick-through book!

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